Q. what is "the crypto planner"?

A. The Crypto Planner is both a site and a person.  The site is designed to educate the community and the person is here to assist in that process.  Click here to learn more about our process and click here to learn more about my philosophy.


Q. Is this site giving investment advice?

A. Absolutely not.  Anything contained on this site is for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes an investment suggestion.  Additionally, this site is not attempting to sell you cryptocurrencies or any form of digital currency nor is it attempting to buy these types of assets from you. 


Q. what do I get by joining?

A. As a member you will gain access to private content which gets into much more detail about cryptocurrencies as investments and whether or not they make sense for you to consider investing in on your own.  You will gain access both to tutorials and extra resources and you will also be given individual consultations to aid you in your individual choices pertaining to cryptocurrency investments.


Q. Can I cancel my membership once I join?

A. Absolutely. You can cancel a monthly membership anytime with at least 15 days notice before your automatic monthly renewal.  You can cancel an annual membership with at least 15 days notice before your automatic annual renewal.  Consultations are paid for in advance on an as-desired basis and therefore once a consultation is completed no refund can be given.  Any exceptions to our standard cancellation policy will be at our sole discretion.


Q. can I share my membership with somebody else?

A. Each membership is only to be used by one individual.  At times there may be promotions for groups of individuals to join but each membership is still given to individuals and therefore each member of a group can remain a member or cancel their membership at their own discretion regardless of other group members' decisions.


Q. can the crypto planner cancel my membership?

A. Once you are a member The Crypto Planner, its officers and/or administrators, do reserve the right to cancel your membership.  This is at our sole discretion and could be for a number of reasons.  One such cause could be if you are causing an unpleasant environment for other members, particularly during live videocasts.  If we elect to cancel your membership you will be given a pro-rated refund immediately and banned from further membership to our platform.