Meet Ben

the crypto planner

As a child I always wanted to be an inventor.  I would sketch out ideas for new creations and I even attempted to patent a few of them.  I later observed that all of my designs shared one common theme: taking something that already existed and making it better.  That theme has carried through to my practice today because while there are many people offering to help you invest I am the first and most qualified in the cryptocurrency sector.



For over a decade I have been assisting clients with traditional and non-traditional investment options and with this new asset category I have focused in on assisting others to invest in this new digital era.  Even though the investment instruments I consult on are high tech the investment principles that I utilize are tried and true.  My core strategies do not involve making you rich overnight but rather taking the most up-to-date asset options and adding them to your portfolio to maximize your overall net returns.

My academic background in Finance and my personal background in Entrepreneurship mean that by working with me and my team you’re getting the best of both worlds: theory and practice.




Be smart today so you can enjoy life to the fullest tomorrow.