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Helping Smart Investors

Millions of investors want to get involved with the cryptocurrency space now but most people still have many questions....  How much do I buy?  Which crypto currency do I buy?  When do I buy?  How do I buy?  Is it too late to buy?  We have all the answers you need and more!

My practice has been aiding investors for years in planning for their own retirement and other financial landmarks.  As the first financial planner to fully embrace the cryptocurrency asset class I have designed this site as a resource to those disciplined financial investors who wish to take a pragmatic approach to crypto investing.  Just like traditional investments the importance of diversification, risk management, volatility threshold, and time horizon all still apply.  Right now most "crypto experts" fall into the category of evangelists, meaning, they are far too bullish on this new asset class which on its best day can be more volatile than any other investment sector known in the stock or bond market.  For this reason we have designed a program for serious investors with serious goals with a time horizon lasting beyond tomorrow, the next day, or even the next few months. 

By joining our members-only group you will have access to an experienced financial expert with an understanding of this new sector as well as other like-minded investors or potential investors who wish to participate in investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and others.  Because each digital currency is unique it is important to understand the differences and we will explain all of those including new developments regularly.  Once a member you will have the option to simply sit back and learn or to jump right in during your initial consultation and invest and we will show you how.  Different subscriptions are offered to meet your exact needs from our platform.



Follow Our Process

We work with our subscribers by following a very simple four step process that consists of the following:


Establish your time horizon.


Assess your current risk tolerance.


Choose the desired digital assets.


Select the best suited  exchange(s).


“Investing in crypto can feel like the Wild West without a revolver."

founder - the crypto planner


Make The Right Decision

It seems like every week we read about a cryptocurrency exchange being hacked or Bitcoins being stolen or a sovereign country banning digital currencies.  On top of that digital currencies are still mostly unregulated and it feels like a recipe for a modern day Wild West or new age gold rush. 

Fortunately while investing in this asset class can certainly come with a unique set of challenges, our club has been designed to navigate these waters along with you so that we reach our goals together.  Whether you have questions about the safe purchase and storage of crypto assets or the current taxation standards being applied to cryptocurrencies we have plenty of resources and answers to weather the storm and you'll be getting this information from an experienced financial planner.  Furthermore, our emphasis will always be on building wealth vs. getting rich quick. 

Please feel free to learn more using the free resources provided and once you're ready please consider becoming a member of our growing community.


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